Welcome, Ariel!

I could not possibly more excited to announce that Mindful Birth PDX is welcoming a second instructor, Ariel Brantley-Dalglish! Ariel and I attended nursing and midwifery school together at Oregon Health & Science University and have collaborated on numerous projects together in the past, from academic to professional. Head on over to her new bioContinue reading “Welcome, Ariel!”

Summer MBCP Series Launches June 23,2020!

We’re excited to announce our first official full-length Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting class series will be launching on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. This class will meet for nine sessions, with a day-long retreat between classes 6 and 7. There will also be a postpartum retreat, to be scheduled by the cohort. Due to Covid-19, we’llContinue reading “Summer MBCP Series Launches June 23,2020!”


I’ve never been on a formal meditation retreat before that’s longer than a few days, but this Sunday evening I’ll be participating in a week-long sesshin, or Zen meditation retreat. We will wake at 4:30 the morning in Noble Silence to begin the first of eight total hours of silent zazen, or sitting meditation each day. There will also be kinhin, or walking meditation, work meditation, as well as formal meals in silence called oryoki. There will be chanting and bowing, a time for rest or exercise, and time to ask our teachers questions about our practice in a private interview process called sanzen. Each evening a Dharma Talk is given by the abbot of the temple, followed by a tea ceremony; an evening vespers chant wraps up the day before lights out at 10pm. Then six and a half hours later, the bells will ring and we’ll wake up and do it all over again, for the next seven days.

Welcome to Mindful Birth PDX!

Mindful Birth PDX has had a long gestation period, but I am excited to finally be able to launch this new childbirth and parenting education series to the Portland community. The seeds were first planted around six years ago, when as a pre-nursing student on her way to midwifery school, I stumbled upon Nancy Bardacke’s book, Mindful Birthing: Training the Mind, Body, and Heart for Childbirth and Beyond. I remember reading it at the time and feeling a deep, full body resonance with the way she wrote about the transformative power of birth and the potential benefits of cultivating a daily mindfulness practice to support the parenting journey.