Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting

Physiology of childbirth and stages of labor

Practices for working with pain, positions for labor and partner support skills

How to approach a birth plan and tips for skillfully communicating with your providers

Discussion and resources for chest/breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding your baby.

Discussion on meeting social, emotional and physical needs of a newborn. 

Deepen emotional resilience and reduce stress during your pregnancy and into parenthood

Decrease fear and anxiety about the birth process

Work with gentle movement practices to find greater ease with common pregnancy discomforts and with the intense sensations of labor

Foster compassionate conversation about parenting hopes, fears, and goals with your partner .

No matter where you intend to birth (at home, hospital or birth center) or how you intend to navigate your birth (with or without pain medication), the tools we will discuss and develop in this course will aid you through the physical and emotional transition to parenthood and beyond. 

Nine weekly class sessions (27 hrs of face time) for you and your designated support person: all online via Zoom during Covid-19 shelter in place

A Day of Practice between weeks 6 and 7: online via Zoom during Covid-19 shelter in place, with modified schedule

Postpartum Reunion (to be scheduled by each cohort)

Lifetime access to downloadable audio files of all the guided meditations

A digital course handbook

Course Fee: During Covid-19, this class will be offered on a “pay what you can” basis. Typically the full series is priced at $375, but we understand these are difficult times financially for many families and we want to make this course accessible to as many as possible. Really, truly, it is pay what you can. Even if you can only pay a small amount, it will support our efforts to continue offering this series to a broader audience.

In a nutshell, it’s awareness, or intentional noticing of the sensations, thoughts, and emotions of the present moment…and this attending to the present is done in a spirit of non-judgement of the self and others.

Learn more about MBCP from its founder, Nancy Bardacke

There are no classes currently scheduled at this time. Please check back later for updates on fall offerings.

To parent consciously requires that we engage in an inner work on ourselves as well as in the outer work of nurturing and caring for our children.

Myla and Jon Kabat Zinn, Everyday Blessings: the inner work of mindful parenting